Usefulness Brush Mascara Off Habit

Best beauty tool is not a beauty tool that is the most expensive in the world. But rather a beauty tool that has many uses. If you can use one tool for several different purposes, you will have three advantages. It saves money, storage space, and certainly look good in all conditions. There is a beauty tool that is usually only used for one purpose but it has other uses. Is a mascara brush. Maybe you never thought that a mascara brush can be used for various things. In addition to applying mascara on the eyelashes of course. Mascara brush price is quite cheap, and you can find it easily. Whether at a beauty store or online shopping site. You can also use a mascara brush there. Staying clean it with makeup remover, you can use it for other needs. Citing the Daily Makeover, the following uses do eyelashes grow back outside should function.

This is one way that the simplest and most useful to use a mascara brush. You can use a mascara brush to tidy eyebrows. Sikatkan stays just a mascara brush that has previously been cleaned and dried. If you just want to reinforce the eyebrows, hair spray or dab of vaseline on the mascara brush. It will make your eyebrows look thicker and tidy. If you are bothered with small hairs sticking out of hair, mascara brush can be a solution. Spray hair sprays on a mascara brush and governance tiny hairs naughty.

Have you ever just like a mascara brush a brand, but for a mascara formula, you prefer other brands? Do not hesitate to change the brush and formula. You will get the desired mascara. But of course, there are a few notes. You have to pocket more and not all mascara tubes have the same size. Castor oil is used by many women to grow their hair. You can apply this to your eyelashes and eyebrows. Apply castor oil on a mascara brush that has been cleaned previously and use it on your eyebrows and eyelashes. Besides being able to bold, castor oil can make the eyelashes and eyebrows stronger and shinier.