Tips to Solve Problems When Installing a Microphone

A microphone is a tool that you can use to record your voice. It can be installed to your other electronic devices that you use to record your voice. There are several kinds of microphones that you can use and the common ones are TRS microphones and usb microphones. You can try to install all by yourself both of the kinds of microphones into your devices.

While trying to install the microphone you use, it is possible for you to find some problems. If that happens, there are several solutions that you can use to solve each of them. Here are some of the ways to help you fix the problems:

– Check the voice input settings

If you do not get a microphone signal, open the sound settings on your computer and make sure you have selected the right microphone and the appropriate level. On Mac, there is no driver (driver) to check. You can open System Settings, click Sound, then select Input. Make sure the microphone you have installed is checked instead of Mac’s built-in microphone.

On PC, open Control Panel and click Hardware and Sound. Then click Sound. A window will appear. At the top, click recording, and you will see your microphone there. If there is no green check next to it, the microphone is not selected yet. Click the microphone, then click properties. You can change the settings at the bottom to Use this Devic. Mircofon will be automatically used next time plugged into your computer.

– Set the input level

You can control the input volume level on most computers. For lower microphone quality, you usually have to set it a little high to get enough signal, but keep it from excessive. The best settings are usually in the default range, about 50%.

On a Mac, do this from System Settings, under Sound.
On PC, do this from Hardware and Sound, under Sound.

– Check the microphone settings.

Obviously, the microphone must be on, the cable is properly installed, and other settings are adjusted correctly depending on the microphone. Some condenser microphones and speech microphones have varying settings, some of which have louder or more features. Adjust in order to produce the best sound quality for your purpose.