Teenagers, Self-Seeking Period

The teen world is a world of self-identity. They are trying to look for existence through the environment that controls or controls it. Adolescence is the level of the maturation process, where puberty begins. Try different things to get a great young experience.

The crisis that occurs in adolescents is a crisis between identity and identity blurriness. This is called self-identity and recognition of the surrounding environment. The crisis shows the struggle to obtain a balance between developing a unique individual identity. Therefore to find the identity, teenagers need help from therapists like you can find at https://ayahuascahealings.com/ayahuasca-retreats-peru-sacredvalley/

Well, if successfully overcome the crisis and understand about identity, then teens will easily share themselves with others and able to adjust themselves. In the end, they will be free to connect with others without losing their identity.

On the other hand, if they fail to cope with the crisis, they are not sure of themselves so that they are separated from social relationships, or may develop a feeling of exaggeration about their importance and then take positions as extremists. If adolescents get into the condition, then they will not be able to become adults mature.

The need to support social development as a tool of self-control is very important. Parents cannot always monitor all child behavior outside the home. Moreover, technological progress is progressing. Adolescents are maturing in this globalized life. Internet that is freely accessible from anywhere, can also affect the social development of adolescents.