If parents get diabetes, how many chances are the child will get hit too?

Type 2 diabetes can also be inherited in the family, not only because of poor lifestyle patterns such as overeating or not exercising that children imitate against their parents. If the parents have type 2 diabetes before the age of 50 years, the risk of children suffering from diabetes by 0.14%, and if diagnosed at the age of more than 50 years then the risk of children to 0.08%. A healthy lifestyle should be applied to the family. Routine exercise, keep the weight in ideal conditions, eat nutritious foods, avoid fast food and drink enough water. Adjacent treatment is also required, in addition to treatment from a doctor, you can also consume www.somanindonesia.co.id/obat-herbal-soman-obat-diabetes-yang-teruji-klinik-untuk-penyakit-diabetes.

In children, diabetes screening can be performed at the age of 10 years or at the onset of puberty. Screening can be done every 2 years if you have a risk such as obesity, a family with diabetes, the presence of insulin resistance symptoms (hypertension, dyslipidemia, fatty liver), increased post-meal blood glucose, and the use of antipsychotic drugs. But be aware if there are complaints feel often thirsty, frequent urination at night, impaired vision, weight loss drastically and limp weight. If a child or a person experiences a complaint like this, you should immediately consult a doctor.