Oil is Colored Black is not always ugly

Automobile engine oil has a variety of colors when he was new, there are yellow, red, to blue. Well then whether the color of oil before the inserted machine indicates the grade or quality? Apparently not. If the color of the oil is still new just to mark the oil variant only and not a benchmark of oil quality. Yellow oil does not mean better than blue, and vice versa (not a marker of quality or viscosity or additives). Well then what about the oil after used in black, if in black means oil is bad / not worth wearing? Not always the black oil is ugly! if oil is golden yellow for example and then put into the machine and used one day then the oil will be black. This is natural! because the oil mixes with the residue that is in the machine, but the oil is still very good and worth using. To know more about automotive please Please Visit our website!

A good indicator of bad oil is a kilometer or car mileage, shell output oil can last up to 10 thousand kilometers with medium road conditions, meaning not too stalled and not too extreme (dusty roads, climbs, etc.). Although car oil can last up to 10 thousand kilometers, the average owner of the car to replace the odd range of 5000-7000 km. This is actually getting better, the more often the oil is replaced then the better the car but the risk is also more budget for an oil change. The solution is to change the oil is not too fast, the balance between your budget and car performance as long as it does not exceed 10 thousand km (eg maximum 8000 km) and a minimum of 4000 km (we think that’s good), do not still 2000 km replaced it is a waste.

What is the specification of oil that matches the car engine? The easiest is to ask the authorized workshop in the nearest town, what do you use and what specifications? Could by phone too. If the difficulty of finding an authorized workshop, carku.org lovers can find the car manual book and usually in the manually listed oil specifications are used. Please note that oil has certain viscosity and standard also symbolized by SAE, JASO, API, and others.