Do not Throw Waste To Beach If You Want Still Want To See Its Beauty

You must already know that the sea and the beach is one of the most visited tourist destinations, including you, right? Now, the sea in various countries threatened full of waste for the next few years due to human activities that often throw garbage into the sea. The majority of the waste is garbage of plastic that is difficult to decompose, even takes hundreds of years. For more details about the garbage-filled seas, you can read at, to make you more aware that the sea is not by being ravaged by plastic waste.



We should be better at preserving the nature we live in, especially the seas inhabited by various species of animals that are increasingly threatened by its existence. In fact, plastic waste in the ocean amounts to 80 percent of the total waste. Not only animal species that will be extinct due to the amount of waste, but also the economy of a country that reduce because revenue from the marine sector decreased. So, we will not profit anything if throwing garbage into the sea, right?