Mall in South Tangerang is a Weekend Place

Tangerang Selatan is one of the most developed areas today in the southern area of ??Jakarta. In addition to a residential area, South Tangerang is also now a business center in the buffer city of Jakarta. South Tangerang City is an administrative area of ??Banten Province. In addition to being a residential and business center, in South Tangerang, there are also several schools that vary widely. Well, unique at the weekend, many Jakarta residents who choose to spend time weekend in South Tangerang. One of them currently ongoing is the cheap imported books exhibition on ICE BSD. Tangerang Selatan on the weekend becomes a shopping destination for shopping lovers. The most hits Mall is now in BSD, South Tangerang. No wonder if now citizens of Jakarta choose Tangerang Selatan as a shopping destination for the weekend besides Bandung. In recent years the development of Tangerang city has been greatly improved. Channel information provided also provides much useful info, details can be directly read on

AEON Mall is located at Jalan BSD Raya Utama, Samporna Village, Cisauk Subdistrict, South Tangerang, Banten. For those of you who love movies, Japanese anime toys and culinary typical of Japan it’s not to miss AEON Mall as one of the main shopping destination in South Tangerang. All kinds of Japanese cuisine and all sorts of games from this cherry country complete are available at AEON Mall. On the ground floor, you can already choose some restaurants that provide typical Japanese cuisine.