Here’s What You Should Know Before Selecting Paint For Your Home

When you choose your home paint, pay attention to the size of the room you will paint, if the room you want to paint is quite narrow then avoid dark coloring because it will only cause the impression the room becomes increasingly narrow. Use soft pastel colors so that the place will seem larger and let one color dominate, while other colors you can use only as an accent or aesthetic value enhancer only. If you want to use different colors for each room in your home, make sure the colors you choose are in rhythmic colors, not to contrast between the color of one room with the color of the other room. Consult your color with us

The location of your home will also affect the alignment of colors that will be used later, for those who have a tropical climate would be more attractive if using cool colors and neutral like green, blue or purple. Rooms facing north, southwest or northwest tend to get complicated daylight, so choose warm colors such as brown or peach yolks and better use different colors for different space functions such as bedrooms for adults, for children, kitchen or other room will be better adjusted in color selection.